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Institute for Physiology of the University of Bonn

The Institute of Physiology is part of the University of Bonn's Faculty of Medicine. The main tasks of the institute are research and teaching in the fields of physiology and medicine.

Physiology describes all normal and abnormal life processes in cells, tissues, organs and the entire body. It is thus one of the three main subject areas of the preclinical domain of the Faculty of Medicine. The Institute offers courses for medical, dental, pharmacy, psychology and master's students in the form of main lectures, seminars and practical courses.

The Institute is divided into two departments, Physiology I and Physiology II.

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Physiology I

Research at the Institute of Physiology I focuses on the biology and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system. Diseases of the cardiovascular system are among the leading causes of death worldwide. A research focus of our research groups is to understand the mechanisms underlying cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias and aortic valve sclerosis and to develop experimental therapeutic approaches. To this end, molecular, cell biological and physiological techniques are combined with transgenic mouse models and human induced pluripotent stem cells. In close collaboration with the Department for Cardiac Surgery at the University Hospital Bonn (AG Röll), we also try to heal the damaged heart by either transplanting cells or modulating resident cells in the neonatal and adult mouse heart. For more information on the working groups, research projects and externally funded projects, please click here.

The Physiology I website is currently under construction.

Research Department Fleischmann

Information on the working group is currently being updated.

Research Group Sasse

Information on the working group is currently being updated.

Physiology II

The Institute of Physiology II focuses on the physiology of the nervous system and its multifaceted interactions with various organs. We are interested in understanding how fundamental aspects of cell physiology influence neuronal function in health and disease. How do neurons control behavior and decisions? How can the brain learn and adapt to changing environments and needs? And what processes go wrong in neurological diseases such as addiction, dementia, and Parkinson's disease? To answer these questions, we combine behavioral analyses in animal models, in vivo imaging techniques (Ca²ᐩ -imaging, 2-photon imaging, whole brain light field imaging) and electrophysiology (patch clamp, extracellular field potentials) with optogenetics (light-activated ion channels), molecular biology and biochemistry.

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Research Department Grunwald Kadow

Why do we feel differently depending on the situation and experience? How do hormones and metabolism influence our behavior? We explore these and other questions using model organisms, behavioral experiments, neurogenetics and in vivo imaging techniques.

Project Group Cichy

The project group of Dr. Annika Cichy investigates the modulation of sensory perception by hormones.

Research Group Stein

The Stein group is concerned with neurophysiological issues.

Information on the Stein working group is currently being updated.

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